[CLOUD] New service for scientists / professionals

Hello Flower Power users !
We are really proud to announce a new service for professionals :


This will allow you to retrieve your sensor data in a cvs file, directly in your mail or your dropbox, every day, week or month !

You only need to register to the service with the email you used to register your probe in the application.

This service is not for consumer use, an admin will validate each request to see if it is really professional/science oriented.

Feel free to ask any question on this thread ! :slightly_smiling:


Nice work! I signed up :slightly_smiling:


We are more people in my research group who sign up, but we are not getting any data files. What can the explanation be?

Hey @crr, can you give me all email used for signing up ?

crr@plen.ku.dk and cjdxcs2007@gmail.com

Hi Jerome, after you fixed it, I got my data, but no new data are coming in, so the files are not updated in Dropbox. I would like the have the data in my Dropbox daily.

Just want to give you thumbs up for delivering all the raw data in the files, and not as in the Python script only three parameters Thank you :slight_smile:

I received my data once in work mail (sc@plen.ku.dk) instead of gmail (cjdxcs2007@gmail.com). The file is zipped and named csv dumped. When I opened it, it was empty. I didn’t received the data in my Dropbox. Could you help me to get the data in my mail or Dropbox? Thanks.

We have some issues on the server, and few time to investigate … but we are looking into it soon !
In the mean time, I will put the manual sync on Dropbox back .

Hey everyone
we fixed a lot on issues on the server, can you check your dropbox/mail for the cvs files and tell me if this is ok ?
Thanks !

I have received all the data I need. It’s so great. Thanks a lot.


Hi Jerome,

Since this August, I didn’t receive any data in my email (sc@plen.ku.dk). While I need the data at the end of July. could you help me? In August, my sensors were power off. It is my mistake.


Bonjour Jerome,

i have some issue with some cvs’s files… some of them from december 2016 others June 2016… can you help me on this please…




I wonder if there is someone checking this ???


We changed server and this tool only access the old server.
A topic was made to inform you New Server and New API

https://flower-power-for-scientists.herokuapp.com/ is not working anymore
Another tool has been developed for scientist and permits to download CSV file. I will soon make it public and add a topic about it.

Best regards,