Command for the LED lights on a night, swat etc?


Hi, I wrote this library on github and I’m trying to add control of the two LEDs on the front of the drone (you can control them from the app). In the ARSDK xml file there’s a USB light command. Is this the command for the LEDs on the front of the drone or for some other accessory?

If it’s not, where can I find the docs for what the buffer should look like to control the lights?


No it is not this command.
Here is the command that animates the LED on the Airborne Night.


Ahh thanks! I didn’t know there was a common command spec now.


@Djavan so I ended up with something like this, but it’s not working.

    buffer.writeUInt8(2, offset++); // data type
    buffer.writeUInt8(++this.steps[COMMAND_KEY], offset++); // sequence number
    buffer.writeUInt8(0, offset++); // project id
    buffer.writeUInt8(23, offset++); // class in project
    buffer.writeUInt8(0, offset++); // method in class
    buffer.writeUInt8(255, offset++); // argument
    buffer.writeUInt8(255, offset); // argument

    this.write(COMMAND_KEY , buffer);

Where command key is ‘fa0b’ and write is the BTLE method that writes to the characteristic. Can you point me in the right direction?


You are not using the correct command. The command I gave you is under the one you’re using. It is Animations-StartAnimation with animation HEADLIGHTS_FLASH, HEADLIGHTS_BLINK or HEADLIGHTS_OSCILLATION.

You can know the list of available animations with the event AnimationsState-List.