Connection losses between the camera and the sunshine sensor


Hi @clement.fallet,
There is a persistent issue in the Parrot Sequoia community right now with the camera loosing power to the sunshine sensor intermittently during flight.

Having conducted most my work with eBee’s I’ve never run into this before until custom integration with rotary systems.
Many people have hypothesized weak connections, poor cables, insufficient power supply, overheating, all of which are plausible.
Have you heard of this issue before? Do you know any possible solutions?
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Sequoia Camera Phantom 3 Advanced Micasense


The question you are asking is a very tricky one because all of the above may apply.
I will not comment on the different cases on the community forum (this is a support forum, this is a developer forum).
As you noted, as long as the integration is under control, there is no problem. this is why we released a guide for integration (see here HD_SEQUOIA_Integration_Manual_EN_compressed.pdf (803.4 KB))
If the integration abides to the following guidelines, then there is no reason why the connection between the camera and the sunshine sensor would fail.


Hi @clement.fallet ,
I suspect you’ve never encountered this problem before?
What UAV systems do you typically run this camera on?
It seems like anything other then Parrot products experience these similar issues. All I know is that it’s very improbable that these are isolated issues when different people running different generations of Sequoia under different environmental conditions and different integration kits all around the world experience the same problem…


Dear @DMS

We have had some issues with out-of-specs USB cables at the beginning of production. A corrective action has been enforced and said-cables have been replaced. Most cases of “bad” connections have been solved by changing the cables.
If you think that you may have old generation cables, check the recommendations for USB cables that we posted to check the gauge of the wire. You can also contact your distributor and check with him if a change of cables is possible.

We have obviously tested the cameras on many drones, commercial and customs.
I have to emphasize that securely tightening the cables close to the connector is the most important.
That and having the proper power supply.