Control the drone

Product: [SkyController2 + Bebop2]
SDK version: [3.12.0]
SDK platform: [iOS/Android]

Hello evreyone, i can make connection with skycontroller2 and make takeoff and landing, my question does the following command can control the drone by usb connection with skycontroller?

deviceController.getFeatureARDrone3().sendPilotingPCMD((byte)flag, (byte)roll, (byte)pitch, (byte)yaw, (byte)gaz, (int)timestampAndSeqNum);

Thank you.


Yes, you can control the drone through the SkyController 2 if you set the piloting source to Controller.

This source is automatically reset to SkyController when you app is disconnected from the SkyController, so you’ll have to set it at every connection.


thank you Nicolas for your response.

Hello Nicolas, setPilotingPCMDGaz, setPilotingPCMDPitch and setPilotingPCMDRoll don’t work the app crash, but sendPilotingLanding() and sendPilotingTakeoff() works without any problem,


is not a correct bug report. The only answer I can produce here is: works for me.

Please detail the bug with what you do (a code extract could be helpful), what you expect (this part is negligible in your case) and what you get (a copy of the crash report is a good way to start). Also don’t forget to mention your Android version and device model.


the problem that the pitch, roll and gaz cancel takeoff when using skycontroller :confused: , but that work perfectly when i use wifi connection,