Controlling Bebop 2 with MATLAB


Product: [Bebop2]
Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: [X.X.X]
Use of libARController: [YES] (Only for ARSDK)
SDK platform: [Unix]
Reproductible with the official app: [YES/NO/Not tried]

Hello I am attempting to do image processing in MATLAB taking input from the video stream of the bebop 2. I would do this for things such as having the Bebop 2 track a red ball and follow it. I am using the Unix SDK platform so I control the drone with the sample build (in C). However, I am wondering how I can integrate MATLAB code which would be used to help determine what commands are to be sent to the drone (simple moving commands). Or, if it’s possible to control everything from MATLAB, make some C executable to run the sample, etc… Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Bebop_autonomy + Robotic System Toolbox (Matlab)