Controlling Mambo From Computer?

Hello Forum,

I am interested in doing a project with a Mambo drone involving AI/computer vision elements. I am just curious how the connection works between my MacBook Pro and the drone itself? Can I fully control the drone by sending the appropriate commands? Does it connect through Bluetooth or some other way?

Any help is appreciated, need to get started on this quickly!

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Please read this answer: Development Environment for Airborne Night Drone

Connection is done in Bluetooth Low Energy. And yes you can pilot the drone, make it do flips by sending the appropriate commands.

Oh and in case you did not know: the Mambo does not stream any video. How do you want to do computer vision?

Hi Djavan,

Thank you for your reply! That gives me a good idea on how to proceed. In terms of the computer vision aspect that will be separate from the drones video. Too much to explain, thank you for your answer!

how was ur experiment
because I need the same for school and if u can provide help