Couldn't detect parrot mambo wifi

Product: [Mambo]
Product version: [V3.0.17]
Use of libARController: [NO] (Only for ARSDK)
Reproductible with the official app: [Not tried]

Hello. I could connect to parrot mambo using bleutoth and upload firmware using matlab following this but I couldn’t detect its wifi like in here
Can anyone tell me what am doing wrong!! thanks in advance

In order to work with the MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones, you need to have Parrot’s original firmware in the drone. Try restoring the original firmware and then connecting your computer to the drone’s wifi.

On the other hand, if your use case is to deploy a custom flight controller, then connect your computer to the drone over BLE and then follow the model based design approach in Simulink.

These are two different workflows. I guess you might have mixed up the workflows here.

Thank you for your answer. Am really stuck . I am a newbie in all these stuff . I will go for the first option you said I should have original firmware in the drone!! the commercial drone comes with its own firmware or we can burn a new firmware in it!! I really don’t understand.

So there are two workflows here:

Workflow 1: Your use case is to work with the drone as-is(without modifying its original firmware).
For example, A deep learning/image processing application using drones where you are more concerned more with the deep learning implementation rather than designing a new flight controller.

For this use case, you can connect the drone over Wifi and work with MATLAB commands to programmatically control drones using commands.

Workflow 2:
Your use case is to develop a flight controller of your own and test its performance by deploying it in the drone. For this, you need to modify the original firmware so that you can replace the original flight controller with the controller you have developed.

For example: Testing the stability of a flight control system which requires you to deploy this in the drone and measure its flight performance.

For this use case, you can connect the drone over BLE, modify the original firmware, and then deploy your custom flight controller using Simulink.

These are the two different workflows that you can choose based on your use case.

Ok thanks. it starts to be clear Now. but I have a problem in detecting the drone’s wifi!! I used two PCs and my phone. so is there any commercial parrot drone that doesn’t have a build in wifi!!!

Which Parrot drone are you working with? If it’s the Parrot Mambo, you need the Mambo FPV model to use Wifi.

The addon FPV camera contains an inbuilt wifi module that gives wifi connectivity to the drone. Without the addon, it has just Bluetooth low energy connection available.