Deleting a photo or video from Bebop memory


Hello there,
I’ve read all the SDK photos and videos download section here:

I didn’t find a method to delete a photo or video from Bebop memory.
Can you help me to do that?
Thank you!



You can use the ARDATATRANSFER_MediasDownloader_DeleteMedia() function, defined in the libARDataTransfer/ARDATATRANSFER_MediasDownloader.h file.



Thank you very much Nicolas!
I solved with your help!


I’ve noticed that when I call ARDATATRANSFER_MediasDownloader_DeleteMedia() function, the deleting is ok and the callback function is called. But If I call it again, the callback function does not call.
That happen only when I call that function for more files.
Do I wait between a call and another?
Thank you!


Hi, I check the function and see the last parameter is “deleteMediaArg”. What does it mean?

eARDATATRANSFER_ERROR ARDATATRANSFER_MediasDownloader_DeleteMedia(ARDATATRANSFER_Manager_t *manager, ARDATATRANSFER_Media_t *media, ARDATATRANSFER_MediasDownloader_DeleteMediaCallback_t deleteMediaCallBack, void *deleteMediaArg)



The deleteMediaArg argument is a user-defined value which will be passed back as-is to the deleteMediaCallback.

The most common use is to pass a “context” to the callback, so you don’t have to share data only using global variables.

If you have no use for such an argument, you can set it to NULL.