Detection of long press of the power button

Product: [Jumping Sumo]
Product version: [1.99.0]
SDK version: [3.9.1]
Use of libARController: [YES]
SDK platform: [Unix]
Reproductible with the official app: [Not tried]


We can connect the JS to a router to extend its range, using iwconfig.
I want to create an easy way to do so, instead of manually connecting each time.

On the Bebop, you can create onboard the drone a script that is executed upon a long press
of the power button, check Convert Bebop to client instead of access point.

I was wondering if this behaviour could be reproduced on the JS?
There is no “onoffbutton” folder in the “bin” folder of the JS.
But even if I create it, the script is not called…


Bump, anybody? Thanks


Just a friendly remember: Parrot does not support nor encourage firmware modifications on the drones. Any bad modification can brick the drone, and we don’t provide an external flasher for you to repair it. Moreover, any update can change the drone internals without notice (we only keep network protocol compatibility).

That aside, the Jumping Sumo is quite different internally from the Bebop (they don’t even share the same processor), so most of the tricks discovered by the community on one device (like the “onoffbutton” directory on the Bebop) won’t work on the other.


Hu,bummer… While we know that we can brick our drone, I guess this is a risk we all accept when we start tinkering around. This is the developer forum isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, you guys demonstrated more than once on this forum that you are looking forward to innovative drone hacks. So to get there, at some point, we need to twist the drones behaviour! And while the flying drones require caution, the Sumo isn’t that harmful.

To get back on the on/off press button, I am working on heterogenous multi-robots games (hint here) and I need all robots to communicate on the same network… So puttying onto each of them at each boot to make it connect to the shared network is somewhat cumbersome!


Did you manage to figure this out? I’ve been thinking about improving range by using equipment from “Ubiquiti”. Using something like this you could in theory connect from a fair few kilometres away. Although I’d imagine you may need a decent line of sight of the drone (Probably better for something in the air like the Bebop). Could that work?