Developer guide pdf


I’d like to know if there’s a recent .pdf version of a developers guide like this one I found
[] ?
It is meant to be used with ARDrone 2 or BeBop.


The guide you refer to is for the “SDK2” (AR.Drone + AR.Drone 2.0). The latest version can be found in the .zip package of the SDK avaible here

If you look for the documentation of the new SDK3 (for Bebop, Jumping Sumo, Rolling spider and newer devices), it is available online here. The documentation is written with the Bebop (or Bebop 2) in mind, but most of the content is also applicable to the other devices.


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Link for AR-Drone SDK 2.0 doesn’t exists.

check there :

thanks @Jerome. By any chance is there a more thorough documentation on SDK2.0? or am I required to go through the ARDroneLib?

Yes, in the zip file :slight_smile:

ARDrone_Developer_Guide.pdf (5.0 MB)