Diagnostics and Repair services


Is there anybody that offers diagnostics and repair services for the Parrot Sequoia. Parrot support just gives you the run around. Or is the Parrot Sequoia a consumable product?


Hi @dempseycreekkid

Could you be more specific about the repairs you would need ?

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1. My initial email to Parrot Support was:

The DJI Matrice 100 experience a battery failure and crash from 305 feet. The sensor will power on but will not take any pictures, etc. I was able to obtain the sequoia_diag.dat and sequoia_param.dat files for the sensor current state.

2. Based upon the diag files this was Parrot Supports response:

Hello Daniel,

Thanks your diag files, we are able to give you a status :

  • The sunshine sensor is correctly detected

  • Time lapse value is : 1.679ms

  • GPS is detected on port and seems to work

  • WiFi is not detected : could you check if the WiFi is not deactivated.
    To activate / Deactivate WiFi, press 4 time on camera button.

  • No problem with IMU and calibration successful

  • No problem with SD card

  • No problem with camera

Best Regards,

Parrot Customer Support
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm PST
1 (877) 972-7768

3. My next response:


I could not get the Wifi to activation. I tried several times to activate / deactivate by pressing the camera button 4 times, The Sequoia_XXXX SSID doesn’t appear, but a Hidden Network appears in my available networks on my laptop?

Is there another way to access the Sequoia?

The sequoia_diag.dat and sequoia_param.dat files were created by pressing the camera button once. Shouldn’t I have got images too? Or do I have GPS for the images to be created?



4. Parrot Support next suggestion

Dear Daniel,

Maybe your Parrot Sequoia is damaged but we will do a last check.

Please could you tell me if LED of your Sequoia change color.

  • if Wi-Fi is ON, press 4x times on main button, LED color will bink blue and red, Wi-Fi will be deactivated
  • if Wi-Fi is OFF, press 4x times on main button, LED color will bink blue, Wi-Fi will be activated

Could you check your status?

Best regards
Parrot Drones SAS

5. Next, providing additional information


Today, the Sunshine sensor did not power on with the camera.

When I press the main button 4x times, the LED color blinks red, no wifi, but the Sunshine sensor will powered on at this point.

If I press the main button 4x times, the LED color blinks red, no wifi.

It acts like the wifi never activates, ever time I press the main button 4x times it only blinks red.

I powered it off and restarted several times. The Sunshine sensor will only power on when the main button is pressed 4x times.

Pressing the main button once to get photos and diagnostics files did not work. There were no files on the SD card.

I also had a laptop and iPad that had previously connected to the Sequoia, there was no Sequoia_XXXX SSid presented during these tests.

How do I obtain further diagnostics or services?



6. Parrot Support Response

Dear Daniel,

Your Sequoia seems to be really defective after your crash.
In US, we don’t provide repair so maybe a solution can be find with your reseller.

Could you tell me who is your reseller ?

Best regards
Parrot Drones SAS

7. My Repsonse.

Parrot online was my reseller.

Parrot, Inc.

535 Mission, Suite 2602

San Francisco, CA 94105

I also included a copy of the Invoice.

8. Response from Parrot Customer Support

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for contacting Parrot Customer Support. My name is Sarah and I will be assisting you with your case #

I looked on our website and we unfortunately don’t have any Sequoias available. We unfortunately don’t have a direct re-seller. I looked on Amazon and I found a Sequoia available for immediate purchase on Amazon. Here is the purchase link for the camera:


Please press reply on this email and let me know if you found the above information was helpful in resolving your issue. I look forward to your response.

It is always our aim at Parrot to provide you, our customer, with top quality service to the best of our ability.

Thank you for supporting Parrot, we do appreciate your business.

Have a good day!
Best regards,

Parrot Customer Support
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm PST1 (877) 972-7768

9. My response to Customer Support


My request to Parrot is to assist me in finding diagnostic/repair service on my Parrot Sequoia. Support wanted me to obtain this service from my reseller. Parrot is/was my reseller. Can Parrot assist me in finding diagnostic/repair service for my Parrot Sequoia product?

I consider the Parrot Sequoia a professional product that should have professional grade service and support. I am finding Parrot support trying to pass this responsibility to the reseller. Parrot as a reseller can not even fulfill this responsibility. I find it insulting to just provide me a link to Amazon as a solution to a this problem.

Is the Parrot Sequoia a consumable product? I can understand a product valued a $200-$500 to be a consumable product. But, the Parrot Sequoia is $3500 global profession product? Or is it?


Clement, there is continuing email after this if you are interested. Parrot Support was unable to provide any services and ended up offering me a 30% discount on another purchase of a Parrot Sequoia.

Please let me know if you know what could be next steps in diagnostics and/or repair services.

Any information or help would be appreciated.




Hi @dempseycreekkid

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