Difference between 2 video streaming methods in Parrot SDK



I saw in the SDK 2 methods that seemed similar to me : “sendMediaRecordVideoV2” and “sendMediaStreamingVideoEnable”.
I tried both of them and I don’t see any difference.

Someone has an idea?


They don’t have the same purpose at all.
As the documentation says:

  • sendMediaRecordVideoV2 is used to record a video (video will be saved on the drone’s internal storage and will need an ftp download in order to get the video file)
  • sendMediaStreamingVideoEnable is used to start or stop the video stream, i.e. the video you receive directly on the controller. This video stream is h264 encoded.


Thanks for your answer.

However, when using the method “sendMediaStreamingVideoEnable”, my Bebop 2 does save a video on its internal storage. That’s why I asked this question.
But alright, I’ll check what makes it save it in my code. For the moment, I’m just converting the h264 video stream so I can use it with openCV.