Difference between Mambo and Rolling Spider

I want to use a Parrot drone (Mambo or Rolling Spider) in combination with MATLAB/Simulink.
Can someone recommend one of the two drones? What is the difference between Mambo and Rolling Spider? Has the Mambo drone newer/better sensors?

You can use either of the two drones working with MATLAB/Simulink.

The Rolling Spider and the Mambo are almost the same in terms of the hardware specification which includes the sensors and the downward facing camera.

However, the mambo comes with additional add-ons like the grabber, shooter and an FPV camera which can be attached to the lego port of the Mambo drone. Also, Rolling spider might be a little hard to get in the market since Parrot has stopped production of this drone.

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Thank you.
Can you recommend literature for beginners in this topic?

You can get started here:


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If this thread is still relevant, you can also try out the new MATLAB Hardware Support for Parrot drones:

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