Direct access to the camera on the bottom of the Bebop2


Product: Bebop2
Product version: 4.0.3 / HW_00
SDK version: At least 3.x
Use of libARController: yes for now
SDK platform: Unix/Python/JavaScript
Reproductible with the official app: N/A this is a feature request / question

  1. Is it possible to disable the stabilization feature which prevents the drone from being reliably pilot-able in low light (night in specific)?

I know that this is what makes the product physically stable but I’m not afraid to ssh into the system and mess with some system specifics (how do I even ssh in?).

  1. Can I get the stream from the bottom-facing camera (so that I may try to land directly on a colored pad) with more accuracy than the return home feature? (my landingpad code would run after the return home has completed and gotten me 95% of the way there)

I know these things may not be condoned but my Bebop2 is a testing platform for a possible product (that is not a competitor to Parrot’s UAV) so I’d like to get everything out of it that I can without having to buy separate hardware. I hope this doesn’t prevent the Parrot team from offering advice for mucking about with system internals such as this.



These things are not do-able with the SDK. You might be able to do it with a telnet on your drone but I can’t help you on that, sorry.

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To complete @Djavan answer: If you want to use your Bebop as a hardware platform, but want to change things in the firmware (and void your warranty in the process ;)), you can install an alternate autopilot such as ArduPilot. We worked with them to develop a good port of the autopilot for our platform, so they have proper support for all the Bebop sensors & cameras.

By doing this, you gain the possibility to modify anything in the autopilot (It’s open source !), but in the meantime, you’ll lose compatibility with our SDK (so basically, any question that you might have will have to be asked on the autopilot forum), and some of the features only available in our own firmware (like the front camera image stabilization & movement).



What was the reasoning for not allowing access to the bottom-facing camera in the SDK?

I was hoping to not have to install ardupilot but may end up doing so. I do not have a warranty either way so voiding it is no issue for me.

Regarding front-camera stabilization and movement why were those not part of the ardupilot port? That sounds like a purely business decision in which case, ok.

Thanks for the information so far.


Hi Nicolas @Nicolas ,

I am able to control the Bebop2 using Ardupilot, But I am not able to figure out a way to stream the video from the bebop to my computer without using the original sdk. Do you have any pointers on how to do this.