Disco mit Graupner Sender steuern


Ich möchte mir für meine Disco den neuenGraupner Sender hott mx12pro kaufen.
Mit dem Sender kann man sowohl im Autopiloten und Manuellen Modus die Disco fliegen.
Graupner schreibt auf ihrer Hompage das man den Modellspeicher in den Sender laden soll und den Empfänger auf Sumd Betrieb stellen.
Für alle weiteren Fragen solle man sich an Parrot wenden .Jetzt meine Frage .Haben sie eine Anleitung wie man die Disco mit dem Graupner Sender bindet und was man dafür braucht .auf ihrer Hompage steht nur eine Kurzerklärung.
über eine Antwort ihrerseits würde ich mich freuen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen J.Ziegeweid


I got the same question an waiting hopefull for help!


Could you please ask your question in English?


It was not my request but okay :slight_smile:

Both of us like to know how too bind the Graupner MZ-12 PRO HOTT Sender to our Disco Drone.

Graupner is telling that you don´t Need a seperate reciever and that you can Switch while flying betwenn Assisted Mode and Manual Mode.

Graupner Support told to Load the Modelfile ( don´t ask what they mean with that ) in the Sender and Switch to SUMD Mode.

For further questions they told to contact Parrot.

Hopefully you can explain Step by Step how to do this, cause not everyone ouside the world is a Crack :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time and Help


Your question seems to be user oriented, not developer. So I suggest you to ask it on the user support forum.
You also might find answers in the FAQ: https://www.parrot.com/us/support/product/parrot-disco (such as using a RC controller).


Now “Parrot” is kidding me.
User Support told me to ask here!!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Erf… I’m sorry for this misunderstanding. I will try to reach the customer support to help you on that subject.


Thank you Buddy, waiting for you!


Hi! I am sorry my English is not that good. I have asked Parrot Support, and they have referred me here. Also you can find on the support page nothing about the tie with the Graupner Sender. I do not know what to do with Sumd operation .I had hoped you could have helped me further.[quote=“GreekDisco, post:8, topic:6980, full:true”]
Thank you Buddy, waiting for you!


Hey bud,
My point of view is now:
You need for exampel the Graupner mz-12 Pro Sender and the Graupner reciever witch could Sumd!
After some Mails from me, Graupner Put a specified Data for the Disco into their Updatesite.
This one you have to load in the reciever and then all settings are ready.
You can switch between automatic-manual-teacher Mode.
Not testet yet cause i don’t got reciever, but buying today :+1:


Thanks for your information. I will also buy a Graupner transmitter and receiver. Many greetings


if you’ve had a successful GreekDisco flight, can you tell me about it? that would be great.