Disco Pro Ag and Sequoia


My company is looking to purchase the Disco Pro Ag for business use and since there is very little information about this platform out on the web, I was wondering if the Sequoia sensor included with the Pro Ag is able to be removed from the drone body? Ideally, we would like to use the Disco’s Sequoia on our Inspire 2 so we do not have to purchase a dedicated Sequoia for the I2. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Also, where can Sequoia mounts for the I2 be found? Has someone developed this yet?

Thanks for your help.

Is it possible adapt sequoia in a Disco FPV
Sequoia de Parrot Disco Pro Ag
Sequoia Wifi connected to Parrot Disco Pro Ag
It does not turn on wifi in camera sequoia


The Disco Pro-Ag is meant as a bundle of a modified Disco (optimized for Sequoia) and a Sequoia. The camera is not glued to the drone, so if you plan to buy a Disco Pro-Ag, you will also benefit from a Sequoia camera that you will be able to mount on your Inspire 2.
However, I can’t recommend you any Sequoia mount for the I2. Maybe someone else of this forum can.


Thanks for the info, @clement.fallet. I was hoping Parrot wasn’t close-minded enough to adhere or incorporate the camera to the Pro Ag’s body.

No problem on the mount. I’m sure by the time the Pro Ag comes out, there might be more options.


@clement.fallet will the Disco Pro-Ag continue to support the use of Ardupilot like the current Disco?


@ESA for your reference, this is the mount of the Disco Pro-Ag for Sequoia

And this is the camera mounted in it

@seanmcleod: The Disco Pro-Ag should support ArduPilot for the Disco part but this will not be compatible with the use of Sequoia at the same time. In a word, you will be able to use the Disco Pro-Ag as a regular Disco but to benefit from Sequoia you will need to use the pre-installed Parrot firmware.


@clement.fallet we’ve modified a number of existing Discos with a similar mount and simply set the Sequoia to capture images on a timer interval or GPS distance interval. Presumably that option would still work when using Ardupilot running on the Disco Pro-Ag and I presume what you mean by “…will not be compatible with the use of the Sequoia at the same time.” is in reference to some functionality in the Disco’s flight controller to send capture commands etc. to the Sequoia since that code won’t be included in the Ardupilot build?


yeap, that’s what I meant :slight_smile:


@clement.fallet - I assume you’re referring to building up a compatible system on the normal Disco when you say the capture software isn’t included. I’m assuming the Pro Ag will have the capture software included instead of running a timer or GPS capture-style mission?


The Disco Pro-Ag is a fully integrated solution. Everything is included and it is ready to fly.


Dear Clement,

I have both Parrot Disco and Sequoia bought this year.
I recently asked if it is planned to sell the main body of the disk to support the sequoia, from the Disco pro-AG version as it exists for the Disco. The answer was yes but without knowing the date. Any news from that date?
Another issue, the connection of the Sequoia to the Parrot C.H.U.C.K is direct with a micro USB or do you also need to modify the firmware in some way?


Hi @mmanso

Since the Disco Pro Ag is a modified Disco, it also benefits from software updates that are not available on the regular Disco. The connection is a standard micro USB one but the firmware is different.
I have no information about the availability of the EPP body of the Disco Pro Ag that would facilitate the integration of a Sequoia in the Disco.
I’d like to point out that changing your body for a Disco Pro Ag body doesn’t mean you have a Disco Pro Ag.


Dear Clement,

May I know what will be GPS accuracy characteristics in term of horizontal and vertical accuracy on the Parrot Disco Pro Ag? Does it use the same Ublox Neo M8 unit (assumed) in the Parrot Disco or an advanced version of the same unit?.

Thank you.


¿Existe un video o tutorial de como desmontar cámara y sensor del soporte?


Good afternoon,
I would like to know if in the Sequoia of the Parrot Disco Pro AG, you can separate the camera from the sensor, to install it in another drone. Thank you.
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Hi @fmsepulveda10

See the answer to this topic



I’m planning to buy a sequoia to follow my fields. I have a Disco FPV, and I would like to add a sequoia camera, is it possible?





I’m afraid not. The Disco won’t recognize the Sequoia unless it is a Disco AG (which is sold with its own Sequoia and a 1 Year subscription to AIRINOV First).
You can maybe confirm that information with the customer service.


Your post has been moved to the correct topic, please read it carefully as it answers all your questions


I still have the question if is possible to move it or not?, I mean I recently lost my Parrot Disco AG, but only the bird, I still have the sequoia, Can I just bought the Parrot Disco FPV and exchange the body, and upload the correct fimewire (Disco AG Fimewire)?



Dear @magjogui

Unfortunately, no it is not currently possible to buy the body of a Disco Pro Ag as a spare part.

Best regards