Disco Pro Ag and Sequoia


Hi guys
I have a Parrot Disco Pro Ag and am having a problem in opening the http of the sequoia attached directly to the Parrot Disco. When it opens to http it does not give me the configuration option, only the memory information appears in the icon’'Home``.

When I connect the sequoia to the computer using a USB cable it appears all the options, only connected to the Parrot Disco Pro Ag that does not appear.

Thank you


Dear @jdorocio
I am even surprized that you can connect to Sequoia using
When connected to CHUCK on a Disco Pro Ag, the wifi of Sequoia is disabled and thus can’t be accessed.

Have you re-enabled the wifi of Sequoia ?

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Hi. I have a Parrot Disco Pro Ag and I can not turn on the wifi of the camera sequoia, I press 4 times the button, it flashes in green but the wifi does not appear. Help!


Hi @elquka

When mounted in a DIsco Pro Ag,the wifi of your Parrot Sequoia is disabled. You can access the GUI through the Parrot Disco Pro Ag Wifi using the following


Hi seanmceod, how have the Disco work with the adapted Sequoia? Do you need an extra power source to use it?

Do you have photos of the mount?




@jpdelped we gave up on the Sequoia. Way too many cases/issues with the connection between the sunshine sensor and the main sensor such that a large percentage of the flights would result in no geotagging.

So in the end we returned/swapped all our Sequoia units, about 8 or 9 I think for the RedEdge which so far doesn’t have this sort of connection issue.


Thanks @seanmcleod. Could that be because of the cable that connects the camera with the sensor?


It seemed to be a combination of the cable and the mount Parrot used. Initially it would work fine but after say a month or so of flying they would start failing, intermittently at first and then more and more failures.

99% of the flights were on DJI Phantom drones, so vibration is much more of an issue, and which seemed to play a part in terms of the solder connections of the cable connector on the PCB inside the Sequoia etc. We looked at a number, returned them to the local Parrot distributor for them to look at, attempt repairs etc.

But they were never able to work reliably enough for us so we returned them all. The RedEdge has a completely different type of cable and cable connection.


Thanks @seanmcleod. I understand that the RedEdge doesn’t use a sunshine sensor, so how do you relate photos from differents times of the year?


The RedEdge does have a sunshine sensor.


Dear Admin,
I was one of the first buyers sequoia. We upgraded our planes with all diferent strange accesories. Parrot disco would be a good solutions who has seq. I was the firts who enbedded these. We know that there is no difference between disco with seq and disco ag. If there was sofware version it would be a really helpful. We should i buy new set, when i have seq cam. I hope you can find a solution for these situation. These is for your interest to so that we can upload more data.



Hi Sir,

We bought our Parrot Pro-Ag Drone and we encountered some problem in processing in our output. Maybe your team can help us to fix our drone. This is the problem we encountered " More than 80% of the image coordinates of camera model were the same and therefore the corresponding geotags have been discarded.". Thanks in advance.