Distinguish between the image of front camera and bottom camera


I’m trying to get front and bottom image in turns changing the camera mode
but if i command to change the camera mode and get the image from drone,
i receive the image from the camera which is not changed yet sometimes.

if i want to get Front, Bottom, F, B, F, B, F, B, F, B images
but even though i command to change the camera,
the result is like F, B, F, F, B, F, B, B, B, F, B, F, B …
so i can’t expect to get images “in turns” or some pattern which i want.

so i want to know is there any good way to control this??
also, is there any way to know that what camera sent image which is received now??

Even though i’m not good at english, thank you for reading my question
also, very thank you that you are very kind to me for my all questions

ah! i’m using https://github.com/puku0x/cvdrone because this opensource was very easy to start to control ardrone2


i met the same problem. when i turn the camera to bottom configuration, it give me the front camera view. if you solved this, please let me know