Does Bebop allow video streaming on Windows VLC?


This article posted by Parrot’s blog explains how to play a video stream from a Bebop with a third-party player (VLC for example) on a Linux PC. Does it work the same on Windows VLC as well?



The Bebop does not start automatically its video stream. This is why we provided a small program with the article.
This program is connecting to the Bebop and starting the stream without using the frames (it lets VLC doing it).

This is why you’ll need this small program. Unfortunately, the sdk is not compatible with Windows. So you can either have a Linux computer that is used to start the stream and a Windows computer with VLC that reads the stream.
Or maybe with a VM on your Windows machine.



Actually this won’t work, as the drone will send the video packets to the Linux computer IP address.

Using a virtual machine could work, with the proper NAT rules in place (But in this case, you could also run VLC from within the virtual machine).



I understand that the video packets is sent to a Linux machine IP address. But why would that prohibit @Djavan suggestion? After all I am only sending the stream to a Windows virtual machine VLC player after receiving it in a Linux machine.



Did it work on windows? Starting the stream on linux and playing it on VLC on windows, does this work? I have been trying to get a video stream from my bebop 2 with no luck so far. On my linux, i followed the VLC Streaming guide but all i get is a shared library file which shows an error where i should be getting an executable file. A little help would so much appreciated. Thank you