Doubt about the provided makefiles usability in configuring Eclise for the development with ARDrone SDK


I’m quite novice in C, first of all, and sorry if any part of my question seems badly formulated or something like it.

I managed to build the examples in Ubuntu 14.04 x64 LTS using the terminal, with the corrections provided in this same forum under other topics, and therefore I thank you already for that.

When I tried preparing the SDK for development under Eclipse in the same system described, I also managed to build the examples using eclipse, but I am having quite some problem to discover all the macros which are needed for the setup of the dev environment in Eclipse.

My doubts are, afterall: Firstly, which is the common approach for development of particular applications of the SDK? using the terminal and some text editor, or some other SDK (notedly I saw that in Windows it might be VS, but it took far too much fuzzy mumbo jambo until I got a layer of linux into Windows in order for gcc to work…)

The other thing, if the first answer doesn’t kills it, is: Can someone give me some direction into where at least I can find all the macros, includes and other settings that I may need for a complete setup of a dev environment with the SDK?

Thank you in advance.

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i find your question very interesting. did you find anything since you asked ?
i’m trying to run my own c files within the terminal by building the sdk to load the libraries and then run a makefile but it’s not really working out great for now.