Downgrade to 1.3? how?



I am experiencing weird errors with Sequoia. I cannot shoot with 4 or more sensors enabled as it inmediately reboots upon pressing start button. I tried to reflash 1.4.1 but it did nothing perhaps because it is the same version?. Tried a factory reset but, obviously, remains on 1.4.1. So my last attempt is to try and go back to 1.3 to again flash to 1.4.1. But I cannot find 1.3 file and the sequoia user forum does not help with moderators indicating “this is a regression, why would you like to do this”, and nothing else.

Can you help me try to solve this, please?

Thanks in advance,



Dear @jrbcast

We, Parrot, won’t provide a firmware that is a regression.
Maybe someone has saved the .plf of this version and can provide it to you.