Dragon process crashes at start up on Bebop Drone

Hi there! Parrot Support told me to post me issue here.

I have a Bebop that won’t boot anymore: The operating system works, I can telnet into it, but the dragon-proc crashes at start up with some logs showing that it fails to deal with some sensors. I rebooted the drone, I updated the firmware with no success. The Drone is alive, one can connect to the drone via Wifi but it won’t show up in the Free Flight app.

Here are the logs I downloaded from the drone:

Does anyone know which sensors are those? Could it be a loose cable I need to reconnect?

Thanks a lot!



I’m not Parrot developer, I have no knowledge abaout details. I’m only guessing.

I have simply searched through all files, just for interest. Attached picture is what search engine found. MS5607 is the barometer chip. Chip cound not reached via serial connection I²C.

As you already said, I would have a look to connectors and cable to the board where the baro is located. Seems it is the GPS board (at my Yuneec Typhoon H the baro is on the GPS board). Maybe Bebob has it too.

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thanks a lot for taking a look! That was the information I was looking for!

Unfortunately I couldn’t fix the sensor. Still the same behaviour after detaching and reattaching the cable. I can’t find a replacement part to buy. I guess I need to give up on that drone ;-(

Vielen Dank nochmal!