Drone GPS real time position web hooks and pre-configured route


Hi, I am new to Parrot world. Please forgive me if I posted my question at the wrong place.
I am looking for two capabilities from the drone products in market. I am wondering if Parrot drones can support these two scenarios. if so could you please give me a hint of how to implement it?

  1. can I make my application listen to the real time position update from the flying drone?
  2. can I give the destination GPS location and the drone will fly to that location? If the destination is within 20 yards will be fine too.
    Thank you

  1. Yes, you can receive real-time positioning data from the drone using Parrot’s SDK.
  2. Yes, using MAVLink you are able to send the drone to a specific GPS location, among many other commands such as capturing images or recording video.

Note that this GPS functionality is only available for the Bebop drones.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!


Sounds good. Thank you
We will make the investment to make a prototype then.
Just to confirm ‘Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone’ supports both functions?

  1. Parrot’s SDK can be used by either .NET web technologies such as ASP.NET or Java web technologies?
  2. MAVLink can be used by the above web technologies?
    Thank you


also what Bebop drone allows us to move an object from one place to another? just by looking at the picture I dont think Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone can do this right?



The official sdk supports native (Unix systems), Android and iOS builds. So I think you won’t be able to use it with ASP.NET or Java Web. However, you might find alternative SDKs in NodeJS and other languages that might fit your needs.
The MAVLink support by the drone is simply pushing a MAVLink file through ftp on the drone, then send a command with the sdk. So if you can push a file on the drone and use the commands, you can do a flightplan. The libARMavlink is only here to provide helpers to create the MAVLink file.

What do you mean by moving and object? Transport it as a payload, or grab it, fly with it and then release it?



They still support it Quadcopter Parrot Bebop Drone ?
Just have couple question about it.Is the information relevant?i hope.
Thanks in advance

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