[EDUCATION] List of apps&frameworks


This thread regroups all the frameworks/apps used to code a Mambo for STEM/coding in education.

PYTHON :snake:


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TYNKER :iphone:

BLOCKLY :iphone:

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Just made https://github.com/algolia/pdrone


@Jerome can you change the python link on here to my pyparrot repository instead of pymambo? pyparrot is my general one that works for bebop and mambo!


@CaptainSaavik : Done :wink:


EDU-Booklet.pdf (5.3 MB)

this is the booklet we are sending to schools :slight_smile:


Will The python coding stuff work for the parrot cargo drone? (the one with the lego brick looking thingy on top.) If not what would you suggest a college student (me) with medium coding experience (NCEA level 2 python amongst other things) to use if they want to be able to program these cargo drones. what software and programs should I use?


Yes, there are people who use pyparrot for the cargo