Explanation of Exif Tags - Radiometric Calibration


Hi guys, there are certain tags that I don’t understand. I would appreciate if somebody can explain them. I am putting all the tags related to radiometric calibration here for discussion.

Irradiance Calibration Measurement: 0,600,33,17,1,600,820,417,2,600,13526,6824,3,600,65535,65535
This 16 element vector should be considered in row major form and gives gain index, integration time, CH0 count and CH1 count respectively. Each row corresponds to its own gain index for sunshine sensor.

Calibration Measurement : 1,0.00366300366300366,501
I don’t understand this.

Calibration Picture : 0
This is not a calibration picture.

Irradiance Calibration Measurement Golden: 0,600,31,16,1,600,775,401,2,600,12872,6477,3,600,65535,65535
Seems similar to Irradiance Calibration Measurement but I don’t understand the reason for duplicity.

Irradiance Sensitivities Golden :
I don’t understand this.

Irradiance Unit Scale :
I don’t understand this.
By any chance can it be K that can be used in R = K * Sequoia/Sunshine?

Sensor Model :
[A,B,C] to be used in pixel to irradiance conversion for sequoia.

In case i forgot to discuss some tags here, do put them in your comments and replies.

Reflectance Estimation

@muzammil360 in terms of the ‘Golden’ tags I asked about this previously and was told that these refer to a ‘golden’/reference unit of Parrot’s.

In terms of Irradiance Unit Scale I was wondering whether it refers to k in sequoia = k R sun