Extending the Unix JumpingSumoSample (how to use external libs in Alchemy build files)

Product: [Jumping Sumo/Jumping Race/Jumping Night]
Product version: latest firmware
SDK version: latest
Use of libARController: [YES/NO] YES
SDK platform: Unix (ubuntu)


ARSDK3 native builds and the unmodified samples run properly, so the basic repo and toolchain is set up correctly.

Now I’d like to extend the Linux/Mac native JumpingSumoSample with a network control channel and decided on the OSC protocol and the liblo (http://liblo.sourceforge.net/). I build and installed that lib to /usr/lib/include and can use it from basic programs. But I’m unable to add it properly to Alchemy, so compiling the modified JumpingSumoSample.c using that fails with either “undefined reference” errors (when not modifying its atom.mk) or “unknown module lo” when adding the liblo to atom.mk

I’m new to Alchemy (read about what I could find online, seems I’m missing something essential). Please help me setting up my build environment properly.
What IDE should I use to manage the whole arsdk project (on Linux)?
How do you add an external lib to the projekt like ncurses was added?


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