Feeding External Position Estimation to Bebop


Hi guys,

I’m trying to feed external location estimation from motion capturing systems (like Vicon) to Bebop. I’ve gone through the documentation of bebop_autonomy (ROS package for bebop), yet failed to find anything useful. Is there a way to feed location data to Bebop?

Thanks in advance!


If I understand correctly, you want to give a location to the drone so that it (the drone) believe it is actually a that location?

This is not possible, sorry.


Hi Djavan,

Thanks for replying. I’ve done some digging and it looks that way.
However, I’ve found a work-around. My goal is to control the drone with external position estimation, so I saw somebody sending piloting commands to the drone based on this position estimation. Like if the drone is off by 1cm to the north, just ask the drone to move 1cm to the south.
Implementation in Matlab can be found here:


I guess you can use relative moves: http://developer.parrot.com/docs/reference/bebop_2/index.html#move-the-drone-to-a-relative-position


Did you try the toolbox at the end? Does it work also with newer Matlab versions (e.g., 2016a/b 2017a/b)?

If you have any advice about how to control a bebop by using the Vicon Motion Capture system, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.