First post - Looking for Information on Educational Drones



I’m looking to introduce drones into my high school classes. I am looking for a product that doesn’t only use graphical drag and drop type programming, rather one that could use that but also use more traditional languages. My students already know C, some python, and some Java Script. The product could have capabilities for using graphical programming, however, must have the seamless ability to be programmed in a traditional manner as that is what my students will be using most of the time.

In addition, I would like a product that could be easily fitted or come standard with a camera and be programmed to fly a specific path.

If anyone can help steer me to specific products that would be great.

Finally, if this post is in the wrong location - sorry.

Thanks in advance!


I wrote a python interface for the mambo and bebop for just this reason! I’m aiming at the K-12 audience. Feel free to check it out.