Fix faulty Firmware with ADB [Skycontroller 1]


Hey guys, I’ m new to this forum. On the internet I saw a faulty Skycontroller, which I wanted to repair.
A guy who is selling this item, tells that he flashed his skycontroller and after that, it was dead. The guy has not any clue of computer things and developing.

Only the red power led lightens up if you switch it on. The other white LEDs and Wifi AP are not working anymore, so he thinks it is dead.

It is worth to buy it and try to fix it? As computer scientist, I thought I could give it a try to check the faulty unit with ADB / fastboot access. Do you guys know, if you can kill the bootloader of Skycontroller with wrong firmware flashing?


I imagine you could try flashing it again. It goes into bootloader mode with a flash drive connected. I believe @Nicolas covers this briefly in his documentation.