Flight Plan for panoraming


I tried to use Flight Plan to automate panaroma 360/180 shoting, but it is not working well yet.

After takeoff Anafi records 12 pictures around full 360 quite pretty, within 1 minute.
Then it should rotate camera down 60degs and start to make another 12 pictures, but it did NOT.
It freezes video preview in the first pause of plan. When I press PLAY icon while first pause it looks like it shots next pictures, but do not start to rotate again.

Any way. Is any possibility to back up all saved Plans? As text files?
Just for future restoring if we will want. Or for coping to another device we use.


Again, for all questions regarding Freeflight (and in general, user related questions), please ask them to the customer support directly.



I did so yeterday, but someone in response said I should write here:

|### “Jan Procontact” <support@parrot.com> support@parrot.com [via]
Dear Jan,
Thank you for contacting Parrot.

I thank you for your submitted feedback and will direct it to the concerned department for suggestion.
Unfortunately this is for technical support but not for suggestion or development wishes, the DEV forum was definetely the right address.

Best regards
Parrot Customer Service & Support


Here is where the plan stopped to work correctly.


That response from support was so wrong. It could turn this forum into a dumping ground.


I redid your flight plan and I got a SDcard error after it finished the first round, had to land and redo each time for different angles. Seems to be a flaw in the App that cannot handle to many things at once.


What did you meant: had to land? Lucky me, the drone did not landed at this issue moment, but hover and await my reaction.


The only way I could get the SDcard error to go away was to land and restart the Anafi. The card work just fine untill the first part of the mission was completed but locked up with the error when it went to move the gimbal to the second angle. So I had no choice but to land.


I know you saw my post on facebook of my updated flight plan and hopefully we can fine tune it some more. I will up load the picture here for others if they want to fool around with it and make it even better.


I already tested your idea. It looks like it works well. It’s night and I was limited in visual, but stitching looks fine, and all photos were taken automatically.

I still wonder when I need zenith and upper images for stitching? Practically?

  1. When clouds move too fast, it will no stitch correctly, because taking all upper pictures request more than 2 minutes.
  2. When clouds stay stable, we need to make photos of upper sky with other expose settings, because too much light than on the ground. Finally, it is faster to make it all in post-production than by stitching.

Certainly, there are some times a special sunlights, sky colors, we want to get and stitch.

Thanks for your help.