Flower Power app and server

I’m still waiting for an answer on my question: How long will be the server for Flower Power up and running?
Is there a new flower app which an can use, cause the old one is no longer supported. It doesn’t work with iOS 12.

Thank you in advance!

Best Martin

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Hi Martin,
Flower Power application will be updated when ios12 will be officially released :slight_smile:
We don’t publish app updates for beta version of ios.

Hi Jerome,

so… now iOS is out.
Can you please update power flower App?

Thx in advance

Bonjour Jérôme

Maintenant qu’iOS 12 est apparu, je ne peux plus surveiller mes plantes.
Existe-t-il une alternative à l’application Flower Power? L’application sera-t-elle mise à jour rapidement ou puis-je détruire mes appareils? Dois-je chercher une alternative au Flower Power?
Comment puis-je arriver ici?

Merci pour une réponse opportune, Jérôme.


Good day Jerome,
Flower Power is a great instrument and a lot of users and their pots are really missing it on new ios.
Thanks a lot!

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iOS 12 has been officially released now, so where the promised update to the app?


Flower Power crash in iOS 12 :frowning:


As mentioned above iOS 12 is live since one month and flower power app is still not updated.
If you don’t expect to maintain the app anymore, at least you can open source it on github.
We will support it and ensure that we can still use our pot.