Flower Power: does anyone have the flower-power firmware .bin?

Good morning all,

I’m desperately looking for the .bin file of the latest working flower-power firmware. It is no longer possible to update a flower-power by the application but it seems possible to do it from a NodeJS API (https://github.com/sandeepmistry/node-flower-power/pull/8).
The update method takes the flower-power firmware .bin file as input, but i can’t find it anywhere.

Can someone help me? I love this product that I interfaced with the Jeedom and Blea home automation system, I have about fifteen flower-power, including 5 which have an original firmware and information is not recorded correctly because of the firmware outdated.

Thank you and wish you a nice day.

I habe the exact same issue. I received an old Flower Power that the app refuses to connect to due to needing a firmware update that fails to install.