Flypad driver for Linux?

Hello, I would like to use the Flypad under Linux like other bluetooth joysticks (xbox, playstation). I can connect the Flypad via Bluetooth to Debian 9 and can see in the terminal that it’s properly connected.

[bluetooth]# devices
Device CF:51:31:40:21:30 FLYPAD_004416
Device F3:14:B3:94:2D:5A RS_B099741
Device E1:14:D3:8E:1D:DF Mambo_381479
[bluetooth]# trust CF:51:31:40:21:30
[CHG] Device CF:51:31:40:21:30 Trusted: yes
Changing CF:51:31:40:21:30 trust succeeded
[bluetooth]# pair CF:51:31:40:21:30
Attempting to pair with CF:51:31:40:21:30
[CHG] Device CF:51:31:40:21:30 Connected: yes
[CHG] Device CF:51:31:40:21:30 ServicesResolved: yes
[FLYPAD_004416]# connect CF:51:31:40:21:30
Attempting to connect to CF:51:31:40:21:30
Connection successful

~# hcitool con
< LE CF:51:31:40:21:30 handle 71 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT

Usally a joystick device can be found under /dev/input/js0 … jsX

But there is no device.

Is there any general Linux driver for the Flypad?