Focal length of camera


I need to know the focal length of the camera, but I can’t find it…
I only find this on the website :

Camera with “Fisheye” lens 180° 1/2,2

and on the french translation :

Caméra avec lentilles “Fisheye” 186° 1/2,3

Could anyone help me to find the focal length ?


Somebody? This would be really helpful…



The physical camera has a focal length of 1/2.2. There is an error on the french translation.

When streaming or recording, we only use a small part of the full camera (you can see it as a virtual moving camera), which has around 80 degrees of horizontal field of view as of current firmware. As it is a software emulated camera, its FOV could be changed in a later firmware if we feel the need.

When connecting to a Bebop, an ARCommand of class Common.CameraSettingsState.CameraSettingsChanged will be sent by the Bebop. This command contains the FOV, and the maximum tilt/pan angles for the virtual camera (the one used in video mode).



Thank you for your help Nicolas, indeed the FOV can change depending on the firmware. I will manage with that.



1/2.2 is the f-number or relative aperture of the lens written in the front of the drone. In fact, according to the exif metatada stored in jpeg/dng picture, it is likely f/2.4.

The focal length of the Bebop lens is according to exif metadata 1.8 mm and the 35 mm relative focal length 6 mm.