Four drones connected to one PC


Hi all,

For some research, I need to control four AR2 drones from a PC running Windows. Is it possible with the current SDK?

The movement algoritm is running on the PC so the drones just flight following simple (x,y,z) sequences.



I’ve never tried it, but I believe it is possible.

It’s less to do with the SDK on your windows box (of which there are many variants), and more to do with the (closed) firmware on the drone.

Drones are controlled by sending commands over a standrd UDP port.

By default, the AR Drone acts a Wifi HotSpot and DHCP server, assigning your PC an IP address when it connects. Meaning your PC would need 4 network cards to connect to 4 drones.

But if you read the Developers Guide PDF, section 8.6 Network configuration mentions:


Mode of the Wi-Fi network. Possible values are:

  • 0 - The drone is the access point of the network
  • 1 - The drone creates (or join) the network in Ad-Hoc mode
  • 2 - The drone tries to join the network as a station

So if you can get all 4 drones to connect to the same network, you should be able to send UDP packets to individual drones; and only need the one network card!




Thank you for your answer. I do not find many information about the AR2 control through the Parrot SDK. I assuming it is possible.

Regarding the WIFI connection, each of the four drones would have an IP address to identify it. Wouldn’t they?



All the resources and info that I know of, I’ve listed on my Fantom API page under References & Resources.

That is your end goal, yes.


It said, however, this value can not be changed for users applications. What dose it mean, please?


Hey. Did you manage to use the SDK in Windows environment? If yes, which SDK did you use?