FreeFlight 3 for Windows Phone


Hi i buy bebop drone and have Windows 10 mobile to control it.I saw u upload samples and SDK for Android/iOS/Unix/Python. I using Windows app and it have much bugs and problems. I tryed convert your sample from iOS to Windows 10 using iOS bridge and this ended with error from libAR because i cant used this.
And so u have app for Windows, and can u give source code from this app plz? I want do this app much better or if cant give app source code, can u give code how control bebop in this app? For me its very intresting and i want do this app better or create app for windows for bebop, because i cant buy android or ios and can code but with ur help i can do this very nice and faster. So can u help me and give me ur source code for windows?


Hi !
Sorry, we do not offer a Windows app / SDK at the moment .
And to be fairly honest , I do not think we will ever release a Windows version of the SDK3…
Maybe we will open source our current version of FF3 for windows some time , I can check about this.
Best Regards,


Very thanks for answer. Very bed with win10, hah, but open source code from current windows FF3 its very nice idea, many enthusiasts can upgrate this app from bugs, because win10 mobile has slow rise, and problems with flying using old version FF3 gives a lot of problems.


And finally I think everyone would be happy if you share code :grinning:
I almost crashed my drone through bugs) so, sorry for that spam, i cant await


I’d port my app to Windows if there was a library(s) I could work from.


Its a big question and problem with librarys, because when i port app from ios i saw that VS cant use this librarys even under windows ios bridge, and source code FF3 for windows can answer to all questions i think


the unix libraries might work with cygwin but I have no time to test this. all of the structures, enums, etc would then need to be recreated as managed objects and a win32 wrapper built for all native stuff.

all in all, quite a bit of work with no guarantee of success.


¿Are there any news about the SDK 3 or app code on Windows? I´m trying to write a UWP app to control jumping drones, but it´s very hard without something to start.


I would be very happy, when you open source the windows version of FF3, because after the latest firmware update of the drone, it is not connecting anymore from my windows phone. I had to buy an android phone :frowning: just to keep flying. So when the Source code for FF3 would be open source, I think you make a lot users happy, there are plenty windows users, only they are normaly not complaining when the app is not available for windows, because there is always an other app what does the same job. except, for this one, so please!!!