Ftp access on mambo after firmware upgrade

pyparrot was using the ftp server running on the mambo to download images from the ground camera. After the firmware upgrade to the latest firmware (version 3.0.25), the ftp service is now requiring a username/password. Although this is good for security reasons, it makes it difficult for us to download the ground camera photos. Is there a username we can use to login to the mambo now?


Have you tried guest with any email address as the username?

Hmmm … I’m pretty sure that we did not enable any kind of authentication on the FTP server itself.

Anonymous auth on an FTP server has always be done by setting the user as “anonymous”. In this case, the server should not require a password (or if it does, it should accept an empty string as the answer).

If this doesn’t work, I’ll double check what we’ve done on the FTP server tomorrow.

This is one of the non-upgraded ones:

defiant:pyparrot> ftp
Connected to
220 Operation successful
Name ( anonymous
230 Operation successful
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> ls
229 EPSV ok (|||33740|)
150 Directory listing
drwx------ 4 0 0 512 Jan 1 1970 internal_000
drwx------ 3 0 0 512 Jan 1 1970 internal_debug
226 Operation successful

And this is one of the upgraded ones:

defiant:pyparrot> ftp

Connected to

220 Operation successful

Name ( anonymous

331 Please specify password


530 Login failed

ftp: Login failed


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After internal research: it’s a known issue. A new (3.0.26) version should be released soon to repair this. I’ll keep you updater (or FreeFlight Mini will :slight_smile: ) when the version is released.

Note that, as the FTP server is broken, the update will only work on bluetooth or USB, not wifi :confused:

@Nicolas The Parrot Mambo software update page still shows the firmware version as 3.0.17. Where can I download the latest plf file v3.0.25 ?

Thanks for the update! I’ve wrapped the ftp calls in my code in a try/except. I’ll make sure to test again when the new version comes out.

Hello, I am trying to upgrade the firmware of my mambo but I’m unable to find the firmware file and the app crashes trying to upgrade via bluetooth, my mambo is new and I couldn’t fly my drone a single time.

any advice on where to find the firmware file?


Here is a link for the 3.0.26: