FTP client for autonomous flight performance


Good morning everyone,

As stated here, I was told to use any C-based FTP client to perform the transfer of the MAVLINK files from my PC to the drone -so as to fly autonomously.

I would like to know whether you could recommend me any FTP client, as I am relatively new in this issue and I actually don’t know which one should I pick up.

Many thanks in advance for your counsel, and have a nice day!



libARDataTransfer does this. It is only a simple wrapper around a ftp.

You should use the port 61 to upload a mavlink file.
RemotePath is just the name of the file on the drone (for example my_mission.mavlink).



Hi @Djavan, @Nicolas,
do you have any code sample, that you could provide us with, about how to use the lib to upload a mavlink flight plan?
Thank you so much! (please, it’s a bit urgent…)


Hi, if anybody is still looking for an answer, I’ve finally made it work :nerd_face::