Gazebo simulation with slamdunk model


Hello everybody,

I am currently working on the slamdunk and Bebop2, but just like somebody on this forum, I can’t connect my slamdunk with ethernet anymore (Not able to connect to slamdunk over usb).
As no solution has been found yet, I want to continue programming my own stuff, so I thought that I can use Gazebo to simulate the drone with the slamdunk, but I can’t find an existing model for Gazebo or Rviz.
Do you know if there is something like that existing ?

Thank you for your help


Hello Nico,

You have probably found the answer to your question by now but, if not, and for others:
Yes there is a model that works at least for rviz (I haven’t checked with gazebo).
You can find it in the slamdunk source: slamdunk_ros/slamdunk_visualization/urdf.
For me it worked by entering the command provided by the howto file in this folder then launching rviz with the slamdunk plugin rviz -d $(rospack find slamdunk_visualization)/rviz/slamdunk.rviz then adding a robotModel en rviz.
I had previously built the slamdunk package on my laptop.

There are probably other ways to do it and you might be able to use the models in the models folder (in slamdunk_visualization again) but this worked for me.


Hello Notou,

I did not see your message before.
My S.L.A.M.dunk is KO again, so I wanted to come back to the urdf model.

I built the slamdunk package on my computer, and then launched rviz -d $(rospack find slamdunk_visualization)/rviz/slamdunk.rviz

after that I wanted to add the robot model :

But it is still not working.
Does the SLAM.dunk need to be connected for the good functionning of this ?

In fact I want something without the real slamdunk, as mine is not working.

Thank you



You don’t need the slamdunk to be connected, you just need to set the ros param robot_description to the urdf file.
The exact command to do that in command line is in the HOWTO file next to the urdf file : rosparam set robot_description -t <path to the file>

I believe there are ways to do that with a launch file but I haven’t tried them.


I have seen that, I was confused by the howto file…
Anyway thank you, I can see the SLAMdunk.

But I guess there is no way to “simulate” the topics generated by the real SLAMdunk, as we can have on Gazebo with the turtlebot, right ?


It depends on what topics you want to simulate:

There are ways to simulate imus, pose, odometry, …
You can add rgbd sensors in gazebo so you might be able to find some stereo sensors too.

I don’t really have any experience with gazebo but I’ve seen these kind of sensors being used so I’m sure it can be done.

That being said, if you want to reproduce exactly the slamdunk behaviour with something more detailed than having the same kind of data published on the same kind of topics it might be a bit harder :slight_smile: