Get current gaz periodically as roll, pitch and yaw


Hi !

I need some help from more advanced user than me to solve a little problem I face to. I have a Bebop 2 and I implement some code that should make it fly autonomously.
To supervise the fly, I want to get regularly the roll, pitch, yaw and gaz values.

The three firsts can be obtained with the “altitude change event” which is triggered regularly when the drone flies.

From :

I get a way to obtain the current gaz value in [m/s]. But this implies I should each time set the MaxVerticalSpeed to trigger the event which returns me the gaz value.

Is it a more convenient way like the “altitude change event” ?

Thanks for your answer



You should get the vertical speed with the speed event (with the speedZ argument).

Please note that reading the MaxVerticalSpeed will only inform you about the maximum vertical speed, not the current one.


Thanks a lot !
The gaz is given in percent and the speedZ in m/s. I will use the maxvertical speed value to convert from speedZ to percent !