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I’ve bought an Anafi AI to run my own code on Anafi AI.
As written in the paperboard :

Air SDK provides a breakthrough technological architecture to load and run code directly on
ANAFI Ai. Developers can program custom-designed flight missions with access to all drone
sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot features.
Air SDK give onboard access to:
• All the sensors (IMU, GPS, TOF, ...) and flight states
• Video streams and metadata from all cameras
• Wi-Fi, 4G, USB communication interfaces
• Depth maps and occupation grids
• Obstacle avoidance trajectory generation
Any developer can:
• Modify the drone state-machine by creating Flight Missions
• Change the guidance mode
• Add onboard Linux processes (such as transferring data on the 4G link or use computer
Air SDK supports C++ and Python programming language. Air SDK comes with a comprehensive
installation guide and API documentation. Many sample applications illustrate all the possibilities
offered by its unique architecture.

I succeed to run code on the real drone, and downloaded log.bin file to check my code logs.

Is it possible to decode these log.bin file for non-parrot developers ?


Hi Clement

No it’s not possible to decode the log.bin file.
Your mission need to write its own logs in mission-data folder.



Hi @sgager,

How to write own logs in mission-data folder in C++ ? What is the path of folder where I can write ?

Also, my computer vision seems to run during 5s, then nothing during 3 or 4 seconds, then run during 5s etc. It only happen when the drone is flying. The computer vision service always emit data when the drone is on ground … How can I debug this ? If the process crash, how can I know without the log.bin ?


To find the path to write your logs you can refer to this post Save data from a service - #2 by gboumis-parrot

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Thank you so much @gboumis-parrot ! Can’t wait to have a more complete documentation. Hope our questions on the forum will help you to know what is missing for now :slight_smile:

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