Getting IMU values


Product: Airborne Night
Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: 2.6.8
SDK platform: Python

I have been using this interface to control my Maclane:

I want to read the IMU values, So I listened to what is coming from the drone, and it actually sends (0,5,8) which means SensorStateListChanged and I get the value of SensorStateListChanged_sensorName which is :
But i couldn’t catch the values of IMU,
So, would you please help me to get it…
Or it just gives me the name.
Best regards.


Switch to pyparrot, not pymambo please. I’m no longer maintaining pymambo.

I don’t know how to get the raw IMU values. Someone from parrot has responded in the past and said they are not available.


Honestly, I am using pyparrot, sorry for this mistake.
So, its not available neither if I used the official sdk3 code?, because at the documentation they said we can, as if I got it correctly.
One more thing please, can we fix it, in case it’s not available?
It’s necessary to get any feedback from the drone that could lead me to know it’s position.
Many Thanks.


If you can get the values, that would be great. I do a fair amount of position estimation using the speed values and the quaternions that are sent out. But they are only at 2Hz for a mambo so it can be noisy. 10hz for a bebop, which is much improved.



As mentioned here you can only get Speed, Altitude and Quaternion information when connected through wifi.
This behavior might change in the future but I can’t give you any promise.


Thanks @Djavan. What about the drone that works using BLE instead the WIFI? Does the firmware send the the same information?



No, that’s the point. It only send these pieces of information when it is connected through Wifi, not BLE.