Getting PUD files from Disco or from the Cloud


Product: [Disco]
Product version: [1.4.1]
SC2 and Iphone X to Fly
MacbookAir with MacOS 10.12.6 to connect to the Drone

Hello everybody!

I am not sure if I am right here. The Parrot Customer Service send me to this site.

So my Problem:

Made my second flight and took some nice video files. Now I would like to do a GPS Overlay with the PUD files from my Disco and the FlightDataManager on my first nice Flight Movie.
The FlightDataManager can’t connect to the Parrot cloud because I registered after the first of October 2017. (Version History FlightDataManager 3.3.1)
I tried to download the necessary PUD files via FTP from my Disco but the directory /internal_000/Disco/acadamy/ is empty. I think the Drone already uploaded an deleted the PUD files to the Parrot cloud. I know I can prevent the upload. I only have to shutdown the app before I land. But this solution isn#t nice enough for me and too late for my last flight. Are the some other ways to get the files from the Parrot Cloud or can I tell the Disco not to delete my PUD files?

Sry for my bad english!

Greeting from Germany/Cologne



You can, in Freeflight, send the pud file to your email address. To do that, go to My flights in Freeflight, then click on your flight. On the top right corner, you can click on “Send piloting”. The pud file will be sent on the email address of your Parrot Academy account.

As this is not, at all, a developer question, I am closing this topic. You can, and should, ask this question on the user forum :slight_smile:.

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