Getting rid of Skycontroller

Hi everyone.
I’m planning to use the Flight Plan software only on my Parrot Disco. No need for direct control. Looks like i don’t need the Skycontroller at all for this. Just wonder… if i could connect to the Disco directly from my ipad (wi-fi), upload the flight plan, start the flight, etc., just without the SC2. Would be great.
Please help me to figure this out.

You may need the SC2 connected to issue the startMavlink command.

I’ve never tried it with the controller connected directly as there are some disco onboard rules that prevent you from controlling it directly.

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User Seanreit of this forum***Owner-s-Thread***/page45
Seem to have confirmed on his post on Feb 05, 2017, 06:36 AM, that he flown the Disco with Flight Plan and smartphone directly connected to the drone. May be i understood him wrong/ For family reasons i cannot go and check it myself unfortunately.

Guess i found the answer myself: Enable Ardupilot Mode, and ARMING Disco:
To enable APM mode on the Parrot Disco, first power up in normal boot mode. Then, once booted,
click the power button (pitot tube) 3 times, and wait for the LED status to go RED. You can now connect the Disco wifi with your computer, and connect to it using Mission Planner, using the UDP port.

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