Getting the "need water" information for each plants


I have successfully connected to the API, and i get all my data.
I use nodejs application via the “node-flower-power” package.

However, I get a ton of data, but I cannot understand what i’m receiving. The goal for me is to be able to answer this question: “does my plants need water ?”

Can you help me achieve that, or understand your APIs better ?

Thanks in advance,


Ok, I found it in another part of the API that was NOT present in the “node-flower-power” package.

I will probably fork it and put the needed function their.


the node-flower-library is a pure bluetooth communication library, it has no communication with the Parrot Cloud : it allows you to read the values of the sensor directly on the probe.
To read the current status of your plant, you can use the node-flower-power-cloud.

Documentation should be online soon.