GroundSdk support for Bebop, Mambo, Disco, SC1, and SC2

Over the past few months I have been working on some big updates to some software I maintain commercially. While these changes are still under wraps, the underlying SDK has reached a level of maturity where I feel comfortable releasing it for general usage.

Unlike the official GroundSdk, this fork provides support for the Bebop, Mambo, and Disco drones, as well as the original and V2 SkyController.

There are still a couple gaps functionality wise, but nothing too severe. There is an Issue/Bug tracker on GitHub and I welcome any potential contributors to the project.

Head on over to Github to learn more about it:

This is not a Parrot supported project. Please do not create threads here and/or expect Parrot developers to answer questions or issues specific to its use.

Permission was granted ahead of time to make this post. Please keep any questions / discussions about this fork of GroundSdk within this thread or on its Github project page.

I compiled a decent README that should get you started if you’re interested in this project. I’m here to help however possible!



gsdk 1.2.0 has been merged into the unified SDK. It looks like the biggest change with 1.2.0 is the addition of battery firmware flashing and some compliance bumps around NDK and platform levels.

This project has moved to a Github organization, freeing it from me at an individual level.

Contributors are welcome to join.