Hardware Malfunction

I have a Parrot Diso Pro AG and have been upgrading my Sequoia from version 1.6 to 1.7 through the web interface. When she was doing the update, she turned off and consequently did not call anymore, when I connect her to Parrot Disco Pro Ag the red light of the camera stays continuous and the Sunshine Sensor does not turn on, when I connect to the computer the same thing happens.

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Dear @jdorocio

We suggest you contact your local reseller and check with him your possible options.
This forum is not a customer care forum. It is dedicated to advanced applications.

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I have same problem!
After starting updating from 1.0.3 to 1.7 my device does not start now and showing a RED LED capture botton.
Is there a firmware or software for flash a new firmware to sequoia camera and it relieve?!!
I hold capture botton and connect usb to windows and now there is a “P7 USB BOOT” in my devices list.

Please help me to solve this problem in this corona virus problems!!!

Hello my friend. the same problem happened with my Sequoia, I sent several emails to parrot and they tried different ways to restore from factory, but without success.

with that they asked me to send Sequoia to the USA, as it was under warranty, and exchanged it for a new one.

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The Parrot team asked me to do the following:

The hardware reset works anytime that the Sequoia is connected to electricity (laptop or drone).
The hardware reset is pushing the button twice short and then once very long (10-20 sec).
If this does not change anything, I recommend replacing the camera.

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Hi jdorocio
You sent messages after a few minutes but Parrot is thinking on it!)) Thanks for your help.

As you know, I am watching RED led now and the device is restarting every 20 seconds and repeat RED led… I tried for Hardware reseting but no successe! I think hardware reset will work only when device is healthy and show Green or purple … LED status.
This is very bad! If there is mistakes in Update PLF file, Please don’t publish it or tell us maybe your device will be unusable!!!(((
This is my first experience by Sequoia and now I lost money because I bought an USED sequoia!!!
A question? Are the Sequoia and Sequoia+ different?
Could this problem be the difference between the two devices?

Now , When I hold capture botton and put USB to Laptop, a “P7 USB Boot” is connected to windows and I hope to find a way to make a connection in Linux for sending PLF file to device for flashing firmware on it.
I hope to find a way to revive the device in a few days with the help of Parrot.

I can connect Parrot Sequoia as “P7 usb boot” in ubuntu linux but I need bootloader.bin file and other PLF file for reflashing.
Please share them(Bootloader and other plf) file for revival this device!
these files:
Send parrot bootloader /home/julien/.pinstrc/milos_inst_usb_bootldr.bin
Send installer /home/julien/.pinstrc/milos_linux_installer_installer.plf
Send payload /home/julien/.pinstrc/milos_linux_installer_payload.plf