Head Unit Support on SkyController?


In many news Oculus is used with Bebop 2 for VR demo purpose. Why the commercial product doesn’t support Oculus ? I contact the local support, they claimed the skycontroller support below 4 types of VR glass :
Sony Personal View
Zeiss Cinemizer
HeadPlay HD

Does any of the above support head tracking function?

I know here is main for developers. I can’t find anywhere else has better expertise or knowledge on parrot product on the internet. Any 3rd project working this topic?


I just got an oculus rift headset and was quite disappointed to see that it won’t work with my bebop2
Skycontroller. Of course immersion would’t be total because the drone has only one cam but it would have been nice anyway i’m sure. I don’t understand why parrot doesn’t support the rift which is the present top VR headset and instead does it for 4 headsets with not so good reviews. What i would like to know is: is it just a matter of time due to current technical issues, or a deliberate choice not to support the headset ? Depending on the anwer i may have to buy one of thes crappy headset if i want to enjoy VR on my bebop2.
Thanks to experts having clues on this issue



The Oculus support was dropped because their requirements changed drastically:

The DK1 (which was demonstrated with the SkyController) used a single 720p display, which the SkyController was able to drive at a correct frame rate. But version after version, they increased the screen resolution and frame rate, and now the embedded GPU of the SkyController is no longer able to drive properly their screen.
They also require USB3.0 for communication with the headset (SkyController only has USB2.0), so the tracking won’t work either.

So all in all, the SkyController is technically unable to drive properly a headset as the Oculus Rift CV1.

The four supported headsets, on the other hand, have manageable screen resolution, and moreover do not require image processing.

In any case, the SkyController have no support for head tracking on these headsets.

Hope this clarifies the issue.


I was suspecting something like that. I guess that the high res high frame rate and ultrafast com with usb3 are key to the immersive feeling, combined of course with the head tracking, all of them are needed to get the full VR experience. Will the next generation of skycontrollers meet the rift specs ?
And for the support of head tracking why present SkyController wouldn^t be able to handle it with some firmware update ? it provides half of the magic of VR and it doesn’t look so challenging: read the
headset headings from the usb, convert them to camera orientation commands and send them.
Shouldn’t that be done on the parrot’s side ?


We currently have Parrot Drone 1 and the Parrot Skycontroller 1. We recently purchased the Oculus Rift Dk2 and hooked it up to the HDMI output of the skycontroller. I get what everyone is saying that it can’t do this, or it can’t do that, but it does display on the Oculus rift. It seems the video is shifted to the left. The question I was wondering is the following:

It appears the Skycontroller is running Andoid Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which supports the google cardboard which is the same functionality as the new Free Flight Pro FPV. Can the video output of the skycontroller be adjusted? Can we possibly install the Free Flight Pro software on a skycontroller 1?

The Oculus Rift DK2 with the SDK allows for additional adjustments for FPV flying. I really don’t care to have the head motion or control, just FPV of the drone through the Rift.