How do I figure out ar drone 2.0 windspeed from navdata?

I am using node.js and ar-drone module to control with my ar drone 2.0. I am trying to see if the windspeed influences the velocity of the drone itself or not. but I can’t understand what the windspeed part of the navdata means. this is a part of my code.

> client.on('navdata', function(d) {
> if (d.windSpeed){
> 	 console.log('windSpeed'+ d.windSpeed.speed);
>        console.log('windangle:'+ d.windSpeed.angle);	
> 			}
> }

the issue is that although the speed shows 0 at all times, there is an angle to the wind which is either 85 or 45 degrees.
can anybody help me figure this out please?