How to clear mambo's memory?



currently we are using Mambos in our university project. After experiencing several kinds of problems a quick research brought up two articles - one about factory reset and one about clearing the mambos memory. Those articles both state problems we happened to experience as well, namely:

-The connection to PARROT Mambo minidrone over Bluetooth® is failing, even though the connection was successful earlier.
-You observe unsatisfactory performance of the code running on the PARROT Mambo minidrone.
-The communication over Bluetooth® connection is very slow.

While the factory reset itself ( seems to work fine, we have not been able to successfully clear the mambos memory ( On Windows(tried on 7 and 10) we have not been able to successfully install the RNDIS driver mentioned in the later article (it’s not installable on windows 10 at all, and wont successfully install on windows 7). On Linux the telnet command never connects to the stated ip.

Does anyone know how to either

  • clear the mambos memory successfully?
  • may tackle the problems stated above differently?

Kind regards


Additionally: We are experiencing the same kind of problems with firmware version 3.0.17 and 3.0.26 as far as I can tell


Hi everyone,
Also using the parrot Mambo for my university project and i have suddenly the same problem. The DRONE shutdown very often, when it connected to the laptop by USB i cannot seen the drone on the laptop. Impossible to build my project on Simulink cause an ftp error. Do you have any idea?